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Conditions for requesting a performance or photo/film shoot

When contacting, please include details of your event or project, including performance fee.
Contents of the performance, including location and equipment, will depend on the offer.

Please send in your request at least three months ahead of the event.

Nudity is out of the question.

For aerial performances, please provide information regarding stage dimensions, ceiling height and the strength of suspension points. Requests cannot be accepted without commitment regarding suspension points. You should also have a crew on hand to install all necessary equipment.

For performances that include the use of fire, please confirm in advance the presence and placement of smoke detectors at the venue. Insurance for fire performance should be individual and included in the proposal.

For requests regarding chair acrobatics, please include information about the type of floor (e.g. concrete, carpet). Please make sure in advance that the floor is level.

For all types of performance, the support of local staff, including security, will be required. All other languages beside English and Japanese will require an interpreter.

I look forward to receiving your request.

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