YUSURA entertainer(YUSURA Circus) 山桜桃

YUSURA Bush Watcher Work: International circus performer and model, choreographer, aerial teacher, registered member of Cirque du Soleil
Residence: London United Kingdom
Birthplace: Toyama, Japan
Languages: English, Japanese
Date of birth: April 11
Horoscope: Aries
Blood type: O
Eye colour: Medium brown
Height/weight/size: 160 cm/47 kg/7 JP - 32UK/24.5 JP - 6 UK/B83, W60, H83
Special ability: Transformation


YUSURA Biography

YUSURA Bush Watcher “Yusura is a gorgeous space alien.”
- Tim Burton

During her three years of college in New Zealand and Australia, Yusura studied Art and Fashion Design. Immediately upon returning to Japan, she was discovered by a talent scout and performed as a dancer in the cabarets Roppongi KAGUWA OIRANZA.Yusura became a fully-fledged circus performer when she was registered as an official Cirque du Soleil member in 2006.She collaborated with a wide variety of musicians, from rock to ancient court music, performing at venues like Akasaka BLITZ and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. She was also a sought-after performer for secret events held for Hollywood stars and other celebrities visiting Japan.

As a model, Yusura has worked with such renowned photographers as Mika Ninagawa and posed for leading cartoonists, as well as being featured in many international tattoo magazines. She has appeared on album covers,posters for circus conventions, and various other promo visuals. A calendar of Tattooed Beauties, in which Yusura was the main model, broke sales records. She has furthermore made guest appearances in music videos and at fashion shows.

Yusura is currently affiliated with UK-based entertainment agency Superstar PR.As a professional member of Circomedia and Circus Space (affiliated with European Circus Association FEDEC), she is active across Europe as a circus performer, aerial instructor, stage director and as a model.

“Captivating. One of the best performers around.”
- Bristol Culture magazine

Whether it’s as the featured performer in the world’s largest motocross shows Masters of Dirt and Supercross in Geneva, or at a large-scale fashion show held at Japan’s National Stadium, Yusura has demonstrated her ability to enchant tens of thousands of spectators.She also collaborates with various types of performance and entertainment troupes, presenting her fire performances and aerial shows at circus and sports events, large-scale conventions (incl. London International Tattoo Convention, Bournemouth Tattoo Convention), and at venues ranging from cabarets to churches and ancient castles.

Yusura appeared as a dancer in the major motion picture Dark Shadows,directed by Tim Burton. She starred in Vampire’s Kiss, a short film by Derek Frey, in which she plays a vampire queen alongside special guest star Tim Burton. Vampire’s Kiss toured film festivals in Europe and North America, where it won several awards.

“An artist who unleashes the power of Japan [...] Breathtaking.”
- The Fetishistas

In Germany, Yusura’s beauty and astonishing tattoos garnered a lot of praise and attention as the main visual on brochures and billboards for an International Art Festival.In Croatia, her powerful Pray for Japan performance made the cover of a national newspaper, which called her “A messenger of truth, operating beyond the boundaries of a circus performer”.In the coming year, Yusura will be starring in a feature film in her native Japan, as well as appearing on television in the UK.

In Yusura’s own words: “Believe in yourself, be open to new chances – then you can create anything from scratch.”



YUSURA Bush Watcher Specialty:Aerial
Aerial Rotate Hoop-single point and swing
Aerial Venus -YUSURA Original design. Copyright
Aerial Hoop -single point and double point
Aerial Net
Trapeze -Static Trapeze
Spanish Wave straps, Bungee and Spin
Aerial Twitty -YUSURA Original design.Copyright
Minimum Height:5m Ideal height:8-10m Maximum height:Mt.Everest Experienced height:16m
Specialty: Fire-grinder
Fire fans, Fire Eating, Fire bite, Double Fire Whip, Fire breather, Double Fire SAMURAI Sword, Fire Palms, Fire umbrella, Grind guitar
her Skills
Acrobat -SoloDuo Ensemble, Chair Balance,Physical Theater, Crown E&MーWalkingGlove, RollerBoller, Japanese and chinese Fans Movement Technique-Japanese、Contemporary, Butoh, Impro 14Candle on the Face ,Sport Cracking Whips, Ring, WalkAbout


YUSURA Favorites

YUSURA Bush Watcher Yusura always keeps a copy of the manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure at her bedside, and regularly glances at Naruto, Elfen Lied, and Black Butler. As a child, she learned about life (and death) from reading YuYu Hakusho and in middle school she was fully convinced that she was a character from Sailor Moon. A recent addition to her library of favorites is Shingeki no Kyojin.

Nothing beats movies that feature Vampire, zombies, magic, and/or aliens, though she also loves the genres of psycho horror, mystery, adventure, and suspense. Two films that have had a strong impact on Yusura are Hedwig and the Angry Inch and American Psycho.
Admires and follows the writings and recommendations of film critic Tomohiro Machiyama, and agrees that romantic chick flicks are misrepresentations of women’s true power.
Yusura’s favorite sounds and music include Buddhist sutras, twittering birds, rustling streams, Seiko Matsuda, Rolly, Miku Hatsune, Marilyn Manson, Dir en grey and Rob Zombie.
She reveres the designs of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior, and Thierry Mugler, and produces her own costumes, hairstyles, and make-up.
Recently, she also began to take an interest in contemporary Japanese culture.
Yusura loves an epicurean lifestyle, and especially enjoys wine. It’s been her lifelong dream to enter the culinary world and open a dango shop.
Yusura enjoys nature and traveling to secluded temples, either alone or in good company. If the stillness of the wild is suddenly interrupted by cries of “This is so beautiful! A million times more beautiful than anything!!”, it’s probably Yusura laying her delicate hands on the bark of an ancient tree.“You are your own god” - such is the motto by which she lives.


YUSURA Message

YUSURA Bush Watcher Konnichiwa, my name is YUSURA.
Thank you for spending time at my website.
I suspect you will enjoy seeing me perform live as well.
This may be difficult, since I can’t be in every country all the time.
Through my blog I try to share my feelings about the world I see around me.
If it gives you some energy and hope for the future, I would be very happy.
With strong will and courage you can make dreams come true.
Every second, every minute, and with every breath you can feel the force of life.
Every step you take leads to the day we call tomorrow.
Every day leads to a new life.
Let’s flood the world with smiles.
A different tomorrow awaits somewhere under the sky.
I look forward to meeting you, sometime, somewhere.
Are you ready for that moment? I am.



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